Why We Are Here

Having seen how our own family members suffer from chronic disease and, knowing that there are new ways to treat chronic disease which reverse the disease we pursue the goal of innovating, researching and promoting body repair science so that people’s lives can be re-energized, lifespans lengthened and diseases pushed away.

We implement cutting edge science in chronic disease reversal and longevity. They say the first human to live beyond 200 has now been born and we hope that person is a LifeHeal customer.


We are activists, nutritionists, doctors who want to see the world change. The epidemic of chronic disease can be treated and new ways to treat them is the only way forward.


Why is the medical system focused on managing your sickness? We see a future where we manage your health.


Only Certified Diabetes Educators work on our clients. This certification is the highest certification a nutritionist can get in India.

Doctor Approved

Having presented to over 300 doctors our research is doctor approved. This includes some of the top doctors in India in diabetes, cardiology and hepatalogy.


We fuse food and lifestyle with amazing scientific tools, research and data so you can live longer and keep clear of diseases before they happen.

  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Vision

    A world where more people are leading a longer life, without chronic disease.

  • Mission

    To help the body need minimum medicines.

  • Values

    Genuine - We are sincere and transparent.

    Exceptional - Good is the enemy of great. We push the limits.

    Innovative - We are highly creative and scientific.

    Involved - We are engaged with our customers, employees, and the communities we serve.



Having served over 80,000 meals we know how food affects the body


With our InHealth system your plan is built 100% with science


Your treatment will restore your inner health and bring long lasting transformation


Junior Gupta CEO, Expert Coach

Junior A. Gupta is the founder of LifeHeal. His family has a strong history of Diabetes. Mr. Gupta says that "Growing up, the question wasn't If I would get diabetes, but When." He wanted to change the Indian mindset about Diabetes being genetic and irreversible. After many years of research, he realized that well-balanced diets are proven to control Diabetes. He started LifeHeal in 2018 to help people live healthier, stronger, and longer. He has degrees from Babson and MIT in the USA. He's a receiver of APJ Abdul Kalam's "Goodness Award" and also a TedX speaker.

Jasmine Chanana Chief Dietitian, LifeHeal

Jasmine Chanana, is an experienced clinical nutritionist focused on conducting detailed nutrition consultations to achieve your health targets. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator and has also done a Diploma in Cognitive Fitness from Harvard School of learning. She believes in lifestyle modifications for overall well-being rather than following a very strict diet.

Sneha Salian Senior Dietitian, LifeHeal

Sneha Salian is a Registered Dietician and a Certified Diabetes Educator with over 5 years of experience in the hospital & health care industry. She had previously worked with a prestigious hospital that helped her gain exposure to different areas of clinical nutrition. She has completed her Master in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition from Manipal University in Mangalore.